Monday, July 22, 2013

Neolithic hand-axe from Gorham's Cave

This hand-axe was excavated from the Neolithic (Level II) at Gorham's Cave last Saturday. It was stained with ochre, with the part that would have been hafted showing by the absence of ochre (arrows below).

Reconstruction kindly provided by Dr Geraldine Finlayson


  1. I never ever read such type of info before this was really incredible.

  2. Could I have your opinion on this:

  3. I have just watched a programme romantically analysing how Neanderthals became extinct although some Neanderthal dna may still exist today, and also how the mixing of Neanderthal man and modern woman would have met and had relations meant that certain diseases/conditions meant that life could be shortened or lengthened, what do you say to the idea of as a humanity we need to work out how interracial mixing in this time could lead to the eradication of all diseases because the dna mixture would mean these diseases could not exist, somewhat like mr Hither thinking ethnic cleansing could do this although he obviously had a view whereby he was too simplistic in that view, I honestly believe as our chemical make up make us who we are with the allergies and conditions we suffer, god is testing us to find the right mix between all peoples across the world to ensure the survival of the human race.